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Seaway Classic Tournament Rules 

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Team Check-in: Coaches should check-in their teams at the registration tent prior to the first game.  Insurance waivers must be handed in.

Equipment: Coaches are responsible for all equipment including legal sticks.  Mouth guards and protective eyewear are mandatory. Each team must wear matching, reversible jerseys. Coaches should bring pinnies if jersey is not reversible. 

Tournament Format: 8 vs. 8. Each team plays a goalie, 2 defenders, 3 mid-fielders and 2 attack. Each game is 40 minutes, running time., 5 minute half time – NO time outs - Each team plays 3 games. Each game begins with a draw and draws will be done after each goal.

Timing: One clock for all fields. Horn will start games and end games.

Scoring: Each game will begin with a draw. After a goal is scored, the ball is awarded to the scored upon goalie who puts the ball into play from her own crease area, on the referee's whistle.

The 3/4 and 5/6 grade teams will need to complete 1 overhand pass in the offensive zone to make the ball hot.

Penalties: Will be called as they are in regular field lacrosse play

Substitutions: All subs will be made on the fly. Players must touch sticks at the sidelines before coming onto the field.

OFF- SIDES RULE: Two player’s form each team must remain behind the midfield line.

Checking Guidelines: The 3/4 and the 5/6 graders will have no checking, the Modified, 7/8 grade division will use modified checking, and full checking for JV and Varsity.  

Refs and Game Conduct: Certified refs will officiate. Good Sportsmanship is a priority of the Webster Women's Lacrosse Club. Displaying proper conduct is a concern that includes all participants, coaches, parents/guardians and spectators.

Vendors: Food vendors will be available offering a variety of lunch and snack items for sale. Merchandise vendors will also be on site.

Site: All playing fields are grouped together at Webster Schroeder High School and Partnership Fields (Semmler) on Ridge Road. Plenty of free parking is available on site. Please park in designated areas only. No parking will be allowed on the school roadways, driveways or entrance areas to allow access for emergency vehicles. This school and town property prohibits alcohol, smoking, grills, open fires or pets.

Inclement Weather Policy: Lacrosse is played in just about any weather therefore due to the planning on our part and yours, we will attempt to play all games at their scheduled times. Unfortunately, circumstances may arise that the tournament directors would need to cancel or delay a game or suspend or cancel the tournament.

Player-Parent-Coach Conduct: Any Player, parent, or coach involved in a conflict will be expelled from the tournament – NO Second Chances