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The Rochester Area Lacrosse League has developled a set of rules for each of the different grade level bands.  These rules are explained by each grade level band on the Learn the Rules page.

The Varsity Coaches for the girls lacrosse teams at Schroeder and Thomas have provided the following practice tips.

1.  Hand Placement on the lacrosse stick

  • Your bottom hand should be at the very bottom of the stick and your top hand should be about 3/4s of the way up the stick.
  • Remember - "shoulder, shoulder, stick" - by doing this you will protect your stick from the other team.

2.  Catching - remember the 3Cs-  "Catch, Cushion, Cradle"


  • Catch - present your stick out to the girl throwing you the ball
  • Cushion- as the ball makes contact with your stick, cushion the ball by bringing the ball back towards your shoulder- just like you would if you were catching a water ballon or an egg.
  • Cradle - once you have caught the ball, cradle the ball in your stick by moving the stick from should to shoulder.

3.  Cradling



  • You want a "quiet stick" so the head of the stick needs to be up by your ear.
  • Both of your hands should be on the same side of your body.

            Your bottom hand should be across your body and past your belly button.
            Your top hand should be up by your shoulder.
            Your bottom hand should be a little farther away from your body than the top hand- this helps to keep the 
               ball from falling out of your stick.

4.  Passing


  • You need to look at where you are passing
  • Point your shoulder at the target (this would be the shoulder that is attached to the hand that is at the bottom of the stick)
  • Use the Push-Pull method to throw the ball.

              Push the top of the stick towards the target with your top hand
              Pull the bottom ofo the stick towards your body

5.  Ground Balls - Ground Balls win Games!

When picking up a ground ball you must:

  • Slide your top hand towards the head of your stick
  • Get low by bending your knees
  • Place your off-foot by the ball
  • Scoop the ball up like you are using a spoon- not a fork