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 Webster Women’s Lacrosse Club Programs

WWLC facilitates year-round lacrosse programs for girls in grades K-6 as well as supports and sponsors both Webster School programs in grades 7-12. Programs range from sports introduction, to skill building, to tournament play for the more experienced player. WWLC also sponsors fall and summer tournament teams and hosts the Seaway Classic every fall, a very popular event that includes some of the finest women's lacrosse teams from upstate New York.

Micro lacrosse:

We are expanding our presence with the boy's club and their Micro Lacrosse Program. This entry level program is open to both boys and girls in grades k-2. There isn’t a better way to get introduced to the game of lacrosse as the program introduces players to the skills and game.

Winter Training Sessions:

We offer multiple winter training sessions for those looking to keep their skills sharp and also for those who want to try this great sport. For newer players, the  multiweek sessions introduce girls in grades K-6th to the sport. We focus on the basics, provide an environment for newer players to learn and have fun without the intimidation of those who have been playing for some time. More experienced players participate in advanced drills and scrimmages as they prepare for the spring season.

Spring Season:

This is our flagship program designed for girls in grades K-6 at all skill levels. The season run from mid-March to late May. This includes 2-3 practices per week, 6-7 game days and 2 tournaments. Additional opportunities for play dates may be established. The focus is individual skill development, team play, introduction to the sport, sportsmanship, and most importantly - fun for the girls! Girls will play 7 v 7 games at the 1/2 and 3/4 levels, and 12 v 12 games at the 5/6 level with a focus on learning the fundamentals of the sport in a fun atmosphere. Kindergarteners will practice as a unit and focus only on fundamentals playing 3 v 3 short-sided games.

For many years, WWLC was part of RALL (Rochester Area Lacrosse League), which took on the daunting task of scheduling games, establishing rules, and acted as a conduit for communication among coaches. The group that ran RALL for many years decided to step down and no one filled their places. As a result, five area towns formed the RGLA (Rochester Girls Lacrosse Alliance) to fill the void that was left with RALL dissolving.

The RGLA is a new lacrosse partnership formed by several Rochester town lacrosse programs with similar goals and vision of how to organize playing opportunities for girl’s youth lacrosse in our communities. Our mission is to provide an organized, safe and competitive structure for our girl’s youth lacrosse communities to play against local teams throughout the year. To achieve this structure, we will operate under the following core principles:

1. Sportsmanship – At all levels, our respect for the game, our communities, towns, teams, families and our opponents must come before any other goal or objective. This will be guided by a mandatory code of conduct for Coaches, Players, and Parents.

2. Age Appropriate Rules & Officiating – The RGLA will consult with town boards, certified officials and U.S. Lacrosse rule books to develop an age appropriate set of rules to conduct games at each grade level.  The goal of the rules is to ensure safety first and teach the correct concepts of lacrosse at the right age level which build each year towards the scholastic game.

3. Consistent Field Layouts – The RGLA will determine proper field sizes and markings consistent with the rule standards developed at each grade level and drive consistency from town to town to the best of our ability.  Predictable field size and markings help our players be prepared for success each time they step on the field - players can transfer what they practiced on a similar game field (8M, restraining line, draw circle, etc.).

4. Predictable Schedules – The RGLA is striving to set a game schedule at the beginning of a season and lock that schedule so families can plan other activities around that schedule.

5. Competition – The goal of the RGLA is for all town teams to have competitive games where they can succeed and face challenges to grow from.  From season to season, youth player’s skill levels and maturity change dramatically and can create uneven games.  Ensuring town coaches use uneven games as an opportunity to teach their players / teams new concepts versus “running up the score” is critical for the RGLA.

We are excited for what is going to be our best spring yet. The competition will be fierce, and we will have to work hard to maintain a competitive edge against some of the best town teams in the area.

Summer Tournament Extension Team:

Summer tournament team extensions are offered to grades 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6. The WWLC Tournament Team is an opportunity to play in a competitive tournament setting upon the completion of our spring season. This program is open to players with a minimum of one season of lacrosse experience or equivalent (a season is defined as full participation in a fall or spring session - current spring season DOES count). The goal of the program is to enhance player development by introducing and increasing the competitive nature of the game. WWLC hires collegiate coaches and players (Webster Alumni) to act as head coaches for these teams, versus having parents as coaches.

Summer Camp:

Webster Schroeder and Webster Thomas coaches and players will offer a youth summer camp during July. The four day camp runs from 9-11:30 and is great way to spend learn from exceptional varsity coaches and players.

Fall Ball:

Fall ball is a great way to keep the stick in your hands and get some runs in while still allowing time for all the other sports and activities Webster offers. This six week session runs during September and October and includes our very own Seaway Classic tournament. Another great way for girls of all skills to have some fun!

Fall Tournament Extension:

This program is a similar to our Summer Tournament extension. The WWLC Tournament Team is an opportunity to play in a competitive tournament setting upon the completion of our fall season.  This program is open to players with a minimum of one season of lacrosse experience or equivalent (a season is defined as full participation in a fall or spring session). The goal of the program is to enhance player development by introducing and increasing the competitive nature of the game.