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The lacrosse community in Webster, New York is planning a series of fiftieth anniversary events commemorating the sport’s 1964 beginnings in the town and its expansion over the past five decades. To be held the weekend of May 9-11, 2014, the celebration will feature games and social events including a banquet. Centerpiece of the festivities will be a series of “Lacrosse-the-Ridge” challenge games between girls and boys modified, JV and varsity teams from the town’s two sets of schools, the Thomas HS and Willink MS Titans versus the Schroeder HS and Spry MS Warriors. Youth club squads from the Webster Lacrosse Club and Webster Womens’ Lacrosse Club will also play, showcasing the foundation of recent Webster lacrosse successes which include sectional championships for three of the four varsity teams.

Plans are also on the table for a number of “reunion” activities: a Friday evening “Meet-and-Greet” at a local “watering hole” and a Saturday night celebratory banquet. Additional possibilities activities include alumni game(s), a golf outing, and the recognition of significant contributors, founders, All-Americans, Hall-of-Famers, national champions, and legacy families.  Scroll down on this page for a display of all the weekend details......

For more information, contact Dave Moore:
Phone: 585/217-1746
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