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Below are some helpful answers to frequently asked questions that should provide guidance for the Spring Season:

- Does my daughter need a uniform to play in games and tournaments:

Answer: Yes.  All new players are required to purchase a club uniform. The cost for 2014 is $65, which includes a reversible jersey and matching shorts in the Thomas and Schroeder blue and gold


- Do we get to keep the uniform?

Answer: Yes.  Once purchased it is yours to keep.  When purchasing try to get the largest size possible so it can last as long as possible, especially if your daughter is in K-2.


- How can I find what team my daughter is on and who her coach(s) are?

Answer: If you go to the Spring Practice tab at the top of our website, and mouse over, you will see "Choose a Team" then mouse on that, see a list of grade leveles (K-2, 3-4, 5-6), mouse over the appropriate level for your daughter and you will see a list of teams.  Click on each team to see the coach(s) and players associated with each team.   You will also see a link to send an e-mail to a coach.


- When are the games?

Answer: Games are primarily held on Saturday mornings.  The RALL schedule can be found at www.rall.org.  These schedules can change based on field, weather or other conflicts that may require coaches to reschedule the game.  Please be sure to check with your daughters coaches every week to confirm the time and location of each game.  We will also post games on our www.wwlc.org website so that you get automated reminders.


- Where are the games held?

Answer: Webster will play our home games at Semmler Fields.  The 5/6 will play inside the fenced fields, K-2 and 3-4 will play on appropriately lined fields farther in the back of the fenced fields.
Away games are at a location designated for the local team for whom we are traveling to play.  They could be a high school, middle school, elementary school or park field.  Please check with your coaches to confirm the exact location.


-When should we arrive for games and how long are they?

Answer: Coaches will ask to have you arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the start of each game to ensure everyone is there and can warm up.  They are all scheduled for one hour but they may run over, sometimes by as much as 30 minutes.


- Do we play in tournaments?

Answer: Yes.  Each year we try to schedule 2 or 3 tournaments. For 2014, we will be playing in Muddies Buddies at Brighton High School on Sunday, May 4th; Penn Yan Lax by the Lake at Keuka College on Sunday, May 18th; Fairport Classic at Fairport High School on Saturday June 14th.   Schedules and game times will most likely not be available until the Wednesday prior to the tournament.


- What should I do if my daughter can't attend a practice, game or tournament?

Answer: Contact your daughters coach to alert them as much in advance as possible.  Coaches usually have a game rotation outlined for each game so knowing who may not be there will greatly help them plan accordingly.


- What do I do if I have questions such as how my daughter is doing, something that happened in a game, in issue at a game or practice, etc?

Answer: If it is a simple question about how to help your daugther or how she is doing, please seek out her coach.  If it is regarding an issue or incident you are concerned, unhappy or upset about, please take 12-24 hours to summarize your thoughts/feelings and then present in a respectful way to the coach. E-mails are usually the best method to initially engage but if you wish to speak directly, please wait until after a practice is over.  We understand things may happen that require a conversation but please do so in a respectful manner.