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WWLC facilitates year-round lacrosse programs for girls in grades K - 6 grade, as well as supports and sponsors both Webster School programs in 7 - 12th grades. Programs range from sports introduction, to skill building, to tournament play for the more experienced player. WWLC also sponsors fall and summer tournament teams, and hosts the Seaway Classic every fall, a very popular event that includes some of the finest women's lacrosse teams from Upstate New York.

Our Mission is more girls playing the sport with smiles on their faces.

We are dedicated to teaching players the fundamentals and spirit of women's lacrosse in a fun and sportsmanlike manner.

Webster Women’s Lacrosse Club is pleased to announce another great Spring Lacrosse Season! This spring will include indoor field time, outdoor practices, and several games. Girls will play 8 v 8 games at the 1/2 and 3/4 levels and 12 v 12 games at the 5/6 level with a focus on learning the fundamentals of the sport in a fun atmosphere. Kindergarteners will practice as a unit and focus only on fundamentals while playing 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 short-sided games during play dates.




Opened: 09/10/2022
Closes: 01/01/2023

Open to: Girls

In Grades: 7 to 12 for 2022-23 School year

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